2222.....I'm DH7D2.....

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 my song (new lyrics)

Go down 
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Bài gửiTiêu đề: my song (new lyrics)   Tue Sep 30, 2008 9:05 pm


There’s a star fallin’ tonight
As you come and hold me tight
There’s only you in my life
And your voice is always in my mind.

Love is to miss and to live with all the memories
Love is to trust and to make your lover feel happy
My darling, don’t you know how much I miss you day by day
In my dreams I wait to see you come as well as hear you sing
You make me happy whenever you say that you miss me too
Once I feel lonesome the image of your smile comes to my mind
Wherever you are, I still love you and wait for your return
’Cause I believe that our love is eternal and forever.

I dream ’bout you every night
Miss your eyes and your smile
Believe me it’s never lie
Say you will forever be my light


cac ban thay bai hat nay ntn?
minh chua ktra ngu fap nua do.ko bt co sai sot j ko?hy vong se duoc chi jao!!!!!!!
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my song (new lyrics)
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